Kersi Lord says hello to friends and fans

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Hi! I'm Kersi Lord. Many of you may already know me, many may not. I have had the pleasure of working in the Indian Music Industry for almost 60 years now. I just wanted to share my experiences with you all. Hope you enjoy!


papatoetoe said...

Great stuff Uncle, absolutely love the template. Keep going, Cheers.

Jasmin said...
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Jasmin said...

Congrats on your first blog Dad :) Love you!

Inder said...

Dear Kersi,
thanks for posting such rare pictures of you and some senior musicians. keep this blog updated
I.P. Singh

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle KERSI
L LOVE YOUR BLOG SITE UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats dear Uncle,you are great!
your proud son Aniel.
Ps my kind regards to all of THE FAMILY
I hope to see updates soon in he future...
Your most dedicated reader...
I wish you the best,good health and my love.
Aniel Sriram(Holland)

Unknown said...

Resp Mr Lord,
i can't express my joy while going thru the info provided on this site . i had been surfing on net to read about u for the last so many years and tried to read whatever was available.but today , first time i happen to hit this site. i m a music lover and music student (with no formal music training).but i always loved and admired the innovative style of ur music arrangements and harmonies for the songs. although i m not sure whether those songs have been arranged by your goodself or not but i hv listened so much music which was composed before 1980 and try to corelate the style .pl correct me if i m wrong.i songs i like the most with ur arrangement are kabhi raat din hum door the, mera pyar bhi tu hai, betaab dil ki tamanna, tum jo mil gaye ho,ruke ruke se kadam. hats off to such great talent. i already said i don't hv any training in music but i love the way harmony changes take place in these songs.could u pl update some of ur live performences or studio recording videos on this site,i shall be obliged,presently i m staying at toronto and arranging music for live shows

Kersi Lord said...

Dear friends

Thank you all for your kind words.

@ Inder - more nice pics to come in the next few months

@ Aniel - thanks so much Aniel. Jasmin says hi to you and your family.

@ best121 - in those days we used to record 4-5 songs in a day and i had programmed myself to forget what i just played much like the delete button on today's computer keyboards so that i don't repeat myself in the next songs and so forth and so forth. i recognise most of the songs you mentioned as my work :) i find that my fans know more about me and my work than i do :D so you might want to check with them ... haha

justice chawdhry said...

kersi sir,
i am very small to give comment on legend like you sir but i can send you a many wishes from the bottom of my hearts i grownup listening your music composition many thank to give such soothing & realistic music which you score in many movies.thanks once again & keep it up the blogs god bless.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Fam Sriram from Holland ,Bharath,Shanti Aniel and Mira,
To all the family!

Confusedoldbong said...

Hi Kersi ji

I am Balaji's co-writer on the Pancham book.. chanced upon your website and joined to say hello.

Great work.. keep going


Unknown said...

Respected sir,
i m a great fan of yours. I used to play Synthesizer and very curious to know about you that, had you ever used the synthesizer Yamaha DX-21 in any of your music arrangements especiaaly for Panchamda. waiting for your warm reply........

Suraiya Ashrafali said...

Dear Kersi sir,
I am Suraiya Ashrafali from The Hague/ Holland.Congrats with your achievement in the music world.Very nice reading your blog. I met you & your younger brother Buji in 1967 in Surinam (South America) with Kishore Kumar & group. I met Buji (fantastic drummer) when he was with Mohd Rafi in Surinam a few years earlier. I still have your autograph and Bombay address (back then).I live in Holland since 1969. My best wishes to you & your family and ofcourse to Buji. I'm on Facebook n Twitter

Kersi Lord said...

Dear Omkar, The only Yamaha Synth i used was DX 7 and the Module TX 7. I thought they had the Best Fender Rhodes Sounds.

Dear Suraiya, Hey it is surprising that you still have my Autograph, more so i am surprised at the Quality of the INK which has still not Faded. By the way i am still staying at the same Address.

mukesh gandhi said...

Namaste Kersiji!

It was a great day for me when you heard my mandolin and encouraged amature player like me , i have no words to express your greatness sir! i have been your hardcore fan since i started learning music and now feel so honoured that you heard me. thank you very much Sir!

Unknown said...

Hello Kersi Sir,

Everyone knows the kind of work you had done in music. It is beyond words.

I would like to add that you come across as one of the most humble persons. I still cherish the moment when I met you at FTII, last year.

Wish you good health.


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